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Wallet Transaction Notifications?

2022.01.23 15:00 WDMSolutions Wallet Transaction Notifications?

I know that Debank letโ€™s you follow any wallet but does anybody know if thereโ€™s a way to get a notification when a wallet address makes a transaction?
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2022.01.23 15:00 Buns_A_Glazing What lies beyond...

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2022.01.23 15:00 TK_43 WTS Shako - Looking for 1 Key of Hate

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2022.01.23 15:00 MalHoliday The Tabletop Roleplaying Game

So a few months back I asked for advice on homebrewing The First Law into a tabletop roleplaying game and that's now done. I've put the link in so enjoy.

PS: If you make changes post them. Also the base system is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Second Editon you do need at least the core rulebook and Realm of the Ice Queen to play. I am pretty sure you can find them on drive thru RPG for relatively cheap.


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2022.01.23 15:00 PregoQuestions Tyrosine Supplements During Pregnancy

Does anyone have experience with taking tyrosine during pregnancy? The sources I've found recommend against taking it due to limited research, but I would like to hear if anyone has any personal experience or knows of specific research showing a risk. I'm in the first trimester and trying to do thorough review before continuing any of my prior supplements. I previously used tyrosine to increase dopamine to help with motivation levels, but I'm experiencing some pregnancy depression. I am careful to get plenty of folate, vitamin D, magnesium, choline, and B12 in my diet (and sometimes in supplements).
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2022.01.23 15:00 Natureza0 Epicness

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2022.01.23 15:00 FermentedSnake ๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿฆผ๐Ÿ‘

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2022.01.23 15:00 killerbunny339 ah yes, my favorite game, terraria

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2022.01.23 15:00 Faith_Godheals3 Treatment question

For mycoplasma hominis is 7 days of doxy enough?
And then with the azithromycin, I have (2) 500mg tablets. Do I take them together after last dose of doxy or 500mg and then 12 hours later 500mg?
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2022.01.23 15:00 Ruri_Neko Jeongyeon SuperStarJYP Live Theme (Scientist)

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2022.01.23 15:00 Onmyroad $3 off on any full sized cologne

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2022.01.23 15:00 EmpoweredSparkGaming LEGO Technic Mindstorms MOC - Wave Machine!

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2022.01.23 15:00 TheCuckooShow Pass the Parcel

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2022.01.23 15:00 RelentlessVolatility This looks like it would feel AMAZING

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2022.01.23 15:00 Punchmeister Britons of Reddit, why the heck do you still cling on to stupid units such as stone and others?

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2022.01.23 15:00 eddie12359 Geo Thermal Compressor Lock Out

Hi I have 2 5 ton Comfort Aire geo thermal heat pumps with an antique Honeywell Emm 3 Control Board, the 5 ton unit with zone 3 and 4 on it is locking out, the zone 4 thermostat has the heat symbol flashing, does throwing a new Honeywell Z311 control board at it seem like a good gamble? note the compressor also locks out in A/C mode as well
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2022.01.23 15:00 DosFluffyGatos Thanks, I hate itโ€ฆso, so much

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2022.01.23 15:00 lundrog Ro water

So I've extremely hard water that is also full of Sediment. Do much so that when I worked at a local datacenter with in-row water cooling that they would have to come service is monthly even with a filtered system feeding it.
So I've a collagen ro system I've been using. Thoughts on how often i should add Third Wave Water Packets? Not sure every fill would be required as my water is still a normal hardness after ro..
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2022.01.23 15:00 KOVALSKYIDESIGN Drop cloth simulation

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2022.01.23 15:00 Tech_Headache Boveda + beads

I have been using beads... I just bought boveda (65%). what trigged me was the humidor wasn't holding rh levels an dropped significantly.. Unusually I just add water to the beads.. That did not change the rh levels much.
So I bought boveda... I just reseasoned the humidor..should I keep the beads in and also have boveda or will they be fighting each other??
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2022.01.23 15:00 Plinxy Question about resin setting

Hello everyone! I have a mars 3 and I'm having a blast, the quality is very good and almost never print fails, I was just wandering if I could/ should lower the layer thickness for printing models, because I sometime can see layer lines, even though I'm following the pdf on elegoo page (I'm using clear blue resin). So could I lower layer height while not changing anything else or will my prints fail? Thanks and have a good day
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2022.01.23 15:00 iOnlyPlayPetBuilds I'm glad d2r is actually making changes so I..

Can switch to that actually find some hrs in single player.

I haven't touched d2r because it was the same game but since they're actually making decent changes I will switch to that because pd2 has nerfed sparkly chests, nerfed hr drops and no compensation for single player.

Went this entire season with only 3 guls all from hell forges, a vex i found while leveling, a LO i found on accident due to andy dying killing another mob I wasn't going to kill near her. So much grinding and found no runes. Boring unrewarding.

This is why we LK.
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2022.01.23 15:00 Sputnik4T SAT alista orden penal para que Salinas Pliego pague sus impuestos

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2022.01.23 15:00 seductivegirls DutchessDementia

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2022.01.23 15:00 crypt0mushroom On the rise

Is that the gem squeeze over, now that we didn't get the drop, even tho it did say it was reserving for 25m ๐Ÿ˜„ Or is there more squeezing ahead with the Disney thing coming up? Thoughts?
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