What is a good essay writing service?

2022.01.23 14:31 KundePetrov What is a good essay writing service?

What is a good essay writing service? Hello there
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What is a good essay writing service?
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2022.01.23 14:31 SmallSalary880 "We don't do that here"

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2022.01.23 14:31 91_ALT_F4 Everyone is moving forward at their own pace.(Consider some who need more safety precautions and also consider those who are more relaxed)

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2022.01.23 14:31 Spankler Recommendations on scientific studies about Emotions, particularly Fear

I am looking for recommendations on scientific studies about Emotions, particularly about Fear, written by reputable authors. I can read English, Italian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese at an academic level.
A little bit of background information so you can better understand my situation: I am writing my thesis on Fear of Crime and its links/consequences in Criminal Law. I have a Law (Criminal Law masters) and Criminology background. I am familiar with Psychology concepts but limited to those used on Criminology and Victimology studies.
Even though I have been reading about this fascinating subject for a while, as I am not from the Psychology field I honestly am a bit lost regarding the credibility of the studies I read thus far. I still cannot identify with confience which authors are reputable or which theories are still considered valid in the academia. Of course I see some researchers being cited over and over again but I am not familiar with the field and don't know if their theories still hold up.
My goal is not to pick sides but to present the main theories about emotion that are accepted by the scientific community today. I plan to demonstrate how emotions manifest (or how we create them) so I can show the complexity of fear as an emotion (or instance of emotion), an emotion that shapes fear of crime as an unique experience for each person.
Thank you in advance for you help.
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2022.01.23 14:31 dwwzzh What's the difference between bonehurting juice and antimemes lol

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2022.01.23 14:31 Aelsholz "Wearing is caring": I want to show my support on Reddit, is someone so kind to give me the award, please? 😷

Hello! I just found out about the trophy and I really want to show my support to everyone who follows the rules to end the pandemic fast, especially in these crazy times. If someone gives me the "wearing is caring" award, that would make me very happy and I would like to give that person an award too. For today I have the wholesome award to give. Have a great sunday!
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2022.01.23 14:31 HoneyBadgerForTheWin Death, by me

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2022.01.23 14:31 Carlyd54 Walmart dress code?

I start working for Walmart night shift this week, nobody has told me what to wear, I was just gonna wear jeans and a t shirt? Is there something specific I should be wearing? Can I wear black leggings ?
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2022.01.23 14:31 Sufficient-Friend851 BDD Claim Time Frame

More venting than anything. I know there are people that have been working through their claims a lot longer than I have. I submitted my BDD in May 2021(right at 179 days prior to retiring). Received the typical request for service records which I submitted at the beginning of June. After that I did not hear a single word about my claim even though I called the 1800 number and talked to my VSO. I kept asking when my C&P exams would be requested which the rep on the 1800 line would say, “In some cases they are not required for a claim.” I just knew that was not true especially with my laundry list of items that I had on my claim. So the entire time from claim submission to actual retirement date,1 Nov, nothing happened. The day prior to retirement I submit my DD-214. Then a week later I finally get a request for several C&Ps. I completed the last exam on 20 Nov only to wait a month for QTC to get the final X-ray report that was submitted to them on the same day that I had the appointment. On Jan 3 QTC finally submitted all of the exam documents to the VA. As of today I am still in the gathering evidence stage and am told by the 1800 number they are waiting on some internal document(not sure what that document is). I still continue to ask why no exams where requested early on during the first 45 days of the claim being submitted? I am also curious what the point of doing a BDD was if they never even took action while I was still active duty? Again just venting because I know you all will listen and are going through the same things as I am. Best of luck to everyone on getting those benefits they deserve for the sacrifices you all have made.
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2022.01.23 14:31 aydwin Quando bate aquela vontade de morar em lugar que tem neve...

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2022.01.23 14:31 WhattheTHING_nft The Front Man has entered. “Everyone is equal in these games.” What The THING on OpenSea

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2022.01.23 14:31 PaulGamingWorld Aliens Fireteam Elite - The Only Way To Be Sure THE END! (Regicide PC)

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2022.01.23 14:31 Impressive-System-27 This is a hidden 💎

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2022.01.23 14:31 OrganisedChaos01 I need a bit of help please.

I purchased the cronus visage face transformation from the quicksilver vender and can't find it to select in the appearance modifier. I know it will be something simple so someone please tell me how it's done?
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2022.01.23 14:31 humorismydefense Not having the best day. I would appreciate if anyone wanted to say “hi”.

I’m honestly just having a terrible day and I have to work because I can’t afford to call out. I would rather be happy and joyful than miserable and upset. So having at least one person say “hi” would make me happy. Nice, short and simple.
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2022.01.23 14:31 spritc I just…wanna make some twisted wonderland friends 🥲

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2022.01.23 14:31 CONky999 Yacht Club Opinions DAY #3 Pt. 2

Day 3 pt.2 (i might do part 2’s but only of songs that have juice features) (I also added the “Good” option due to the amount of people saying its not perfect but its not mid)
View Poll
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2022.01.23 14:31 SoilScared corinna kopf onlyfans reddit

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2022.01.23 14:31 halfbloodedsaga6 hmmm

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2022.01.23 14:31 Green_Avocado5461 Anyone down to study in the mornings no crap no excuses

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2022.01.23 14:31 fabbookfiend Top 10 Adult, YA and Middle Grade Fiction Books & Audiobooks I Read in 2...

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2022.01.23 14:31 Mcwingamer should i upgrade? or build from scratch

so as it says in the title, i am debating whether i should upgrade, or sell and buy new (i would keep the Ram cause those are quite new and good)
but yeah, do you guys have any suggestions for upgrades or a new pc? Any help will be appreciated

My PC MOBO : ASRock X370 Pro4
Cpu : AMD Ryzen 5 2600
Gpu : Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Ram : 2x Corsair DDR4 16 GB 3200 Mhz
Storage :
ADATA Premier Pro SP900 M.2 2280 256GB SATA 6Gb/sec MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)
Seagate Desktop HDD, 1TB
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2022.01.23 14:31 Nice_To_Have Atentat

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2022.01.23 14:31 Nickss00 Should I consider not entering a non monogamous relationship with someone i really love?

I'm (21) meeting with a guy (24), we're really into each other, and both are looking for something serious. Now when I raised that question for real, he said that he's not really into monogamy.
He says that from his perspective if we dont meet up regularly it's legitimate he'd want sex and will look for one. Isn't it the opposite of being committed to someone? Is this even healthy to practice? Honestly if it's only about sex i don't mind that much, but it can have rather complicated consequences. Since it's my first experience in this field, Im afraid to get hurt
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2022.01.23 14:31 Salty_Ad642 I can't believe Kimburly

If any guy - ANY guy - pressured a woman to have sex the way she's going after Usman he'd be ripped apart. It's absolutely disgusting.
The fact that he's using her has *nothing* to do with the fact that he's saying no and she's demanding she stay in his room. He's an absolute fuck boi preying on older women and manipulating them...but no means no, even when you're a manipulative predator.
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