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I am scared for us!

2021.12.08 02:56 lochnessthemonster I am scared for us!

I have 2 daughters and I hate that I am afraid for them every second they're not in my care. I've read TWO stories in less than 3 days about men kidnapping and torturing women (one story called the victim his girlfriend) and holding them against their will. I think it's safe to say men commit 75-90% of murders and violent crimes.
Men use and need control and if the world was run by women, I truly believe we could have utopia. I think the Amazons may have had it right. I don't hate all men. But just what the FUCK?! The large majority of atrocities in politics are committed by men. Religion was created by men for men to have power. They won't stop raping and beating women! I could go on and on but I will end my rant for now.
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2021.12.08 02:56 svanapps Visa launches crypto advisory service for financial institutions, merchants - Reuters

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2021.12.08 02:56 Itok19 GTWM Podcast Y10E169 (#1421) - Episode Discussion Thread

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2021.12.08 02:56 7Peaksx Gorilla and Water

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2021.12.08 02:56 stattimes Challenge Group joins Cool Chain Association to drive improvements in supply chain

Challenge Group joins Cool Chain Association to drive improvements in supply chain Cool Chain Association (CAA), a non-profit organisation bringing together all parts of the temperature-sensitive supply chain, introduces Challenge Group as their latest temperature-sensitive supply chain specialist, as part of its growing membership.
The Challenge Group of six companies includes cargo airlines, handlers, and logistics services, and it's subsidiary carrier CAL Cargo Airlines is a leading carrier of perishables on Israel to Europe trade lane.
Read More...www.stattimes.com
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2021.12.08 02:56 ssinglyong After changing the toner recently, my pimples have eased a lot

I always lived with hard pimples, but after changing to a toner containing KMX, the stuffs I originally had became very light. Although scars and marks still remain, this alone is still very satisfying tho
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2021.12.08 02:56 Infinimineralex My College's Science Building

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2021.12.08 02:56 Mr_Cavendish The joys of buying used equipment

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2021.12.08 02:56 erborg_ How can I love myself when I feel worthless?

Recently I’ve gone through some big life changes such as going to college, and social life issues. I’ve always been the type to be positive and cheer everyone else up, and never had to worry about keeping up with myself. Now I feel like i’ve spent all this time worrying about others, and I don’t seem to get the same recognition I give them. Deep down it really hurts, because I keep telling myself that i’m the reason for everyone’s lack of love towards me but at the same time I can’t comprehend where I went wrong to feel so hated. What I really want to figure out is how to love myself and stop worrying about what other people think all of the time. It feels like when I finally started doing good in life everyone turned their backs on me and left me behind. I cant rely on my family emotionally either so I want to find love within myself. What are some ways I can begin practicing self love and does it ever get better? Does one truly love themselves?
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2021.12.08 02:56 Minute_Remote_6480 Any help on why the backs always looks like it’s dragging

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2021.12.08 02:56 LiamDrawz My birthday is coming up soon

I'll be 17 on the 22nd, what do 17 year olds do? Is there anything I should know about being 17? Do my pets actually like me or do they just tolerate me?
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2021.12.08 02:56 decadentcarrot 30 [M4F] North America / Europe / Online - Slavic lad giving online dating another chance 😂

NB: Due to time zones, I'm looking for a lady from North America/Europe/Australia/NZ.
I hope the title is not too verbose 🤣 I'm sorta funny, got a scenic accent (still comprehensible according to previous conversationalists), can talk on many topics, as long as I'm not expected to deliver unmistakably expert knowledge... Just a Slavic guy looking for a conversation (arts, literature, cooking, and a potential touch of naughtiness) via audio call on some app 😉
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2021.12.08 02:56 Galacticness Listmas: the 50 most played artists on triple j in 2021

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2021.12.08 02:56 Unique-Ball My highschool algebra teacher was proud of my _______?

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2021.12.08 02:56 f33j33 I have 11k coins - really wanna re-join premium - where can i ask for legitimate, decent, mature people to exchange gold for gold to get premium?

If its not here to ask, where then?
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2021.12.08 02:56 Acetoacetato_ hello n.n

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2021.12.08 02:56 stella0208 Two week old fussy at bottle feedings

FTM, my two week old, soon to be three weeks Friday, has recently become fussy during bottle feedings. We have been fine up until this point using the Dr. Browns bottles wide neck 5 oz with a level one nipple, and we’ve been using Similac Pro Advance.
He typically eats at least 2 oz every feed but lately he’s been pushing for 3 oz so we started making 3 oz bottles. But he’ll eat and start crying off and on and get fussy and no longer looks content during his feeds. I’m wondering if it is a nipple problem? We’re using the size one but I’m wondering if that is no longer doing it for him and he wants more flow? Or if it is something with the formula maybe it is too rough on his digestive system? My paperwork from the doctor says typically colic will show up around 3 weeks. He doesn’t seem to struggle with an exorbitant amount of gas but I’m not sure what to look for.
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2021.12.08 02:56 oladayo2016 The MetaMine Project

Today I found one thing about MetaMine. The total issuance is capped, and they are open to burn tokens with mined income. With a DAO vote, the token can easily become deflationary!
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2021.12.08 02:56 internalocean US father fired on Zoom describes 'callous' call

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2021.12.08 02:56 DuggieHS Achievement Bug: Third Cousins Twice Removed Unable to Complete

The rogue quest that requires you to end your turn with both a coldtooth yeti and chilwind yeti does not mark as complete when you do exactly that ( I did it twice, and didn't get the acheivement)
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2021.12.08 02:56 DarkSide-DarthVader Spidey Sense

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2021.12.08 02:56 mushroomforager12 Accurate representation of Crohn’s disease 😂✌️😪

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2021.12.08 02:56 QuickandEasyRecipes Quick And Easy Baked Sweet Potatoes Cinnamon

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2021.12.08 02:55 MonikasGranddad Pailure, the Sad Bucket Monster.

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2021.12.08 02:55 VanguardHunter117 Halo Skulls?

Did the Dares a bit ago for the first time and I found the portal that takes you from Xurs loot place to where the dares take place. While looking around I kept finding Halo skulls but there’s not any triumphs that I can see dealing with them so are they just an Easter egg for us to hunt down like we did in halo?
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