Khorne's campaign mechanic

2021.10.25 20:26 thagreentide Khorne's campaign mechanic

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2021.10.25 20:26 JBlizs3 To you, are the criticisms of BF Veteran’s valid?

I do think the game DICE has put together has a lot of potential and may be great at launch. With that said many players are divided with in design choices that have been made for 2042. BF veterans are upset with how much has changed and that DICE ripped core Battlefield mechanics that have always been in previous games. Newer gamers to the BF Franchise think they should get over it because games have to change and innovate to become better. I have something I need to say. DICE chose to heavily market this game as “A love letter to battlefield’s most dedicated fans”. With DICE portraying it in this way to the oldest fans, this told the Veterans that the game would be as they hoped it to be. As we now know this turned out not to be the case. With that being said do you still think they have no legitimate reason to be upset?
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2021.10.25 20:26 Impressive-Spinach95 Quite literally a little bit of everything. Anything to appeal to your music taste, from lofirap to generic rock, this playlist has carried me through the past few months of lockdown pretty well.

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2021.10.25 20:26 I_Must_Be_Going WCGW deep-throating a banana

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2021.10.25 20:26 xqqq_me Lecherous teacher from Letcher County learns lesson: CP is waaaay worse than CRT

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2021.10.25 20:26 sweepermeep1 Conflicted about my job.

I have it better than 90% of the people on this sub. I work as a cashier at a very slow store in a very good neighborhood. My entire work involves sitting on my ass for like 55 out of every 60 minutes, killing time on my phone. I watched 7 seasons of naruto in like a month and a half at my job. My only responsibilities are stocking the beer people have bought and ringing people up. I have about 6 minutes of work to close the store at night. So here's the conflicted part. My boss puts me on 9-12 hour shifts 6 days a week, from early afternoon to midnight. I can barely ever hang out with my friends. I could ask for less hours as I don't need the money but I just don't wanna have to ask my boss to cut my hours. I don't NEED need the money but I like getting huge paychecks so that's the other reason I don't ask.
Thoughts? Anyone jealous of my job? Should I give up the extra 3-400dollars a paycheck so I can hang out with my friends more?
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2021.10.25 20:26 Jusyo16 Nightfall unlucky 13 + holo discussion

I was wondering if anyone knew if the unlucky 13 were cards that are holo cards that are unlucky because the holos could be better or similar to the obnoxious 9?
Also I’ve heard different things on the different holo types (I.e. the full background holo being easier to get than the beastie being holo) such as the beastie being full holo is more similar to something like Pokémon holos and the background is more like a reverse?
Sorry if this is a mess and incomprehensible, I’m new to the meta zoo game since Nightfall and trying to get into it :)
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2021.10.25 20:26 Sir_CrossLanes Waterbottle stickers anyone?

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2021.10.25 20:26 Elegant-Split-4040 ATTENTION ALL PERSONNEL , the train is about to leave the station! Please have algos in wallet and be ready for departure 📈🚀

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2021.10.25 20:26 Ok-Pass6713 Refund

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2021.10.25 20:26 Numerous-Parsley9579 Bryan Danielson when he heard his new theme 😂

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2021.10.25 20:26 Alpha_0797 Need Karma! Will return upvote!!

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2021.10.25 20:26 unitX01 I get matched up vs Smurfs constantly when playing with friends even though I am low mmr.

My friends are low mmr, I party up with them only being about 1 rank above and get matched vs highly skilled smurfs. it even got to point yesterday where we were vs a team with not 1 but 4 smurf accounts, all of them with around 100-200 matches played while me and my friends have about 3000-4000 matches played.
I think this happens because I like playing high skill heroes like Arc Warden and Meepo.
This is bullshit, amount of matches played being a factor in match making will solve smurfing more than any other action Valve has taken so far, I don't even play that much anymore but these stomp games have taken out all the fun I used to have.
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2021.10.25 20:26 aahh11 Women’s leggings for turf-burn

Anyone have recs for leggings to wear while playing? Specifically looking for lightweight (used for playing in 55-65 degrees, generally, possibly up to 75 degrees), that don’t sag or stretch out while exercising.
Main goal is preventing turf-burn if I dive. Thanks!
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2021.10.25 20:26 Immediate_Ad3665 Thank god KIyo showing his COld personality again

Im Glad Cold Kiyo is back .. screw all this friendship bullshit. he spent all his life in wroom with that cold personality .. its stupid that they thought a year in this school was gonna change him. YES. now i want him to completely wreck nagumo and completely obliterate kushida (prostitute her ass)
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2021.10.25 20:26 slopartist So.... Math...

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2021.10.25 20:26 Nevillians Move in silence people

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2021.10.25 20:26 FemboygirlfriendLill Love how the game blocks you from challenging plays so the AI maintains the advantage…

Weird how challenging is never available for me but there’s constant booth reviews and challenges anytime something happens to the AI. Christ EA I’m paying for a game that I have no control over
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2021.10.25 20:26 5Sunshines WTF-I thought I saw it all but rite aids lawyers are incompetent and California is obviously bat shit crazy!

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2021.10.25 20:26 abdul_bashaar_ali KJ Martin needs more playing time

Dudes been only playing during garbage hours, he should be in some of the bench lineups.
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2021.10.25 20:26 ViolinSnowstorm Looking for artwork like this, please help

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2021.10.25 20:26 tjarrr Went from 164 --> 177, offering free LSAT tutoring sesions

I'm applying to law schools this cycle and hoping to eventually make some money on the side through tutoring. In order to gain experience, I'm offering 30–50 hours of free LSAT tutoring. (Including an initial one-on-one consultation + diagnostic evaluation.)
Some info about me: I went from scoring a 164 on the Novmber 2020 LSAT-Flex to scoring a 177 on the August 2021 LSAT. I've logged 300-500 hours in personal preparation for the test, and through my own struggle improving my score I can say with full confidence that you absolutely can master the material on this test, provided you put in the work. I can tell you my strategies and methods for approaching questions, particularly how to avoid common pitfalls on LR and RC. I've taken the 7sage courses and own the PowerScore LSAT Bibles, and know plenty of other great resources. Additionally, my undergrad major was philosophy, so I know logical operators (necessary + sufficient conditions, etc.) like the back of my hand.
Some additional benefits you'll get with me:
- You needn't take me at my word -- I'm happy to prove my credentials by giving screenshots of my LSAT score and even by answering 8-10 questions of an LSAT section of your choosing.
- We can tailor our sessions to your specific needs, including walking through specific LSAT questions or any concepts you're currently struggling with.
- Common ground: Many of the concepts on the LSAT I had to learn myself; I know the common pitfalls you might experience because I experienced them too. If I notice a pattern of logical errors, I'll point them out and show you how to re-train your thought process the same way I had to myself.
- Moral support: If you're like me, there'll be days you hit a wall and feel frustrated by lack of progress. I promise you it's only temporary, provided you put in the work, and I'll be there to stop you from ragequitting or commiserate with you about the banalities of a 4- to 5-ish hour test potentially determining the rest of your life, etc., etc.
- Did I mention it's free??
Shoot me a message if you're interested and we can go from there. For now, let's try to start with 5 hours per person (+ the initial one-on-one/diagnostic) and if this works out for you then maaaybe I'd just bump it to $20/hr after the first 5 hours. This is all inchoate of course, so we'll play it by ear. And if this post somehow gains traction then I'll give an update on how filled up I get. Happy studying!! 😁
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2021.10.25 20:26 rogueakatsuki Take-off Help

So I'm actually trying todo real to life for the first time and with a youtube guide and in game check list all seems well. But when I actually try to take off as soon as I put full throttle and take off the parking break my plane will hard bank to the left despite my best efforts to steer it back right and will eventually nose plant into the ground. I never had this happen in easy settings and was wondering how I can fix this or what I need to do to keep the plane straight and steady. Any help would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.25 20:26 AnnaGorlos Plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and dry, calloused feet hurt without proper support! They can even cause you to want to hide your feet because of unsightly cracking. With our comfortable, flexible, moisture-wicking, and effective neoprene supports, you will be back to showing off your pedicure

Plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and dry, calloused feet hurt without proper support! They can even cause you to want to hide your feet because of unsightly cracking. With our comfortable, flexible, moisture-wicking, and effective neoprene supports, you will be back to showing off your pedicure submitted by AnnaGorlos to Annaxo [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 20:26 anthonychapman123 Popular Crypto Exchanges

The most used and at the same time the most reliable crypto exchange platform is Binance. Also, Binance extremely easy to use and learn. you can EARN A 15% COMMISSION DISCOUNT on each purchase, by registering with a [Popular Crypto Exchanges](

Binance 15% Referral Code: 77181558
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