[OC] Wererat Thief

2021.10.25 19:02 furdecimbit [OC] Wererat Thief

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2021.10.25 19:02 DreamimgBig 2013 and still true - Stock Market Is Rigged, Explains Michael Lewis On '60 Minutes'

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2021.10.25 19:02 Addicted2Cornhole Trey Hunt

I am ACL Pro Trey Hunt from the Southeast Conference. Come check out my profile on Cornhole Addicts. #cornholeaddicts #aclpro #americancornholeleague #iplayacl #cornholelife #feedyouraddiction #welovecornhole #cornholepro #cornholeblog #meetthepros
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2021.10.25 19:02 Mountain_Froyo4952 Fizz referral code

Refer a friend to Fizz and you’ll each get $25. Share the joy and invite as many friends as you like!
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2021.10.25 19:02 bigredkansan [WTS] Cheap Slings, Luth MBA 5 (KS)

Couple cheap slings, 1 has a bungie and hook the other has no hardware
$25 shipped http://imgur.com/a/2aEcKxM
Luth MBA 5 stock
$25 shipped http://imgur.com/a/tqeHPXS
Take em both for $45
Paypal, cash app, venmp, doge or shiba
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2021.10.25 19:02 MarvZ_jjba El barbylla

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2021.10.25 19:02 CommunistQwerty slovakia

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2021.10.25 19:02 Sovetika 1937. Robert Montgomery, Rosalind Russell - Night must fall - h742

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2021.10.25 19:02 XanderTaiga My job allots 45 minutes unpaid lunch when you work 5 hours or more in a shift. They recently started penalizing people who even take a 44 minute lunch

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2021.10.25 19:02 Henobago [NA] (I live in Canada) SEM but GN1 highest rank - LFP

Looking for people who seriously want to get out of silver or get higher gn
I am IGL and I normally top frag in most of my games
Looking for good comms and people who know at least a few smokes
Steam Community :: heno
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2021.10.25 19:02 DavetheAuthor Everything Coming to Shudder Nov. 2021

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2021.10.25 19:02 CharacterChest2627 The meme gods mlg

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2021.10.25 19:02 Majorstresser When “doing well” is still tough

My (32F) husband (37M) is an amazingly resilient, kind and talented person. He’s worked so hard this year on his mental health (not to mention the years of work he put in before we were together—has been sober for over a decade) he has a psychiatrist, a great therapist and he’s always seeking more support when necessary.
It’s been such a grind trying to find a group therapy support—he keeps getting turned down from groups and programs for bullshit that I don’t understand. And he’s just so depressed.
Ultimately he just does not like himself deep down and his negative self talk and complete lack of compassion for himself is so upsetting to witness. He’s driven to depression from the news—he cares so much about the world and takes things so personally.
It’s hard to have a positive vision of the future for our shared life together when it feels like he’s destined to be chained to the bottom of the ocean mood-wise. We want to have kids and I’m just fucking terrified that we’re dooming them for another miserable life :(
Positive vibes appreciated
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2021.10.25 19:02 DLX_Beast57 This guy is u/Big-_Floppa

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2021.10.25 19:02 SkinnyOlPothead My username says it all but is it bad to smoke weed and having severe pectus? Is it more harmful for people that have this condition

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2021.10.25 19:02 Zicatipus Is Armor localized?

As title:
If I equip body armor, does it only protect my chest? Does a helmet protect only the head? Does the diving suit protect the entire body? etc.
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2021.10.25 19:02 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) E TWAIN AVE / MOUNTAIN VISTA ST 10/25/2021 2:35:31 PM incident #LLV211000106417
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2021.10.25 19:02 Ill-Possibility-687 https://discord.gg/e8VtJG4F

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2021.10.25 19:02 lolzmyguy Mom took charger. Phone is on 1%. Time to sneak into her room at 12 and not wake her up

I am probably going to get in trouble for this because it is a school night
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2021.10.25 19:02 hive-fiv3 Period for three months?

I've (15F) been on my period for three months. I've also been on monocyclic, combined birth control for about six. Before this, I had heavy, painful, long (10-15 day) periods that were very regular except for coming in twice a month fairly often. The bleeding has never fully stopped except for one day about two weeks ago, but has gone into short periods of remission with very light spotting. It's also been quite light compared to my normal flow (super tampons instead of ultra) and while I still have normal period cramps/nausea/etc I no longer experience the mid-cycle pain that caused me to go on birth control. So far have ruled out clotting and thyroid issues. Any idea what could cause this? Is it likely to be the birth control, and if so do I need to switch brands or try something other than hormonal birth control (are there even any other options)? I'm not willing to discontinue birth control entirely. For full context, I'm also on nonstimulant ADHD meds and antihistamines.
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2021.10.25 19:02 MetalNickA Quad-digits accomplished!

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2021.10.25 19:02 bloodraged189 When timing something in seconds without technology, we usually start with 1 instead of 0, so whatever duration you count is actually 1 second longer than the true duration

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2021.10.25 19:02 Anim3IsTr4sh How long does it normally linger and what are the best methods of detoxing?

This has probably been asked a million times but here we go anyway: So I used to be a heavy smoker (multiple times a day in some cases) and I just received a job offer that is contingent on me passing a drug test. I have quit smoking for 2 weeks now and I have to take it by the end of the week. All the at home tests I have taken have all come back positive, so I'm genuinely scared. How long does weed normally take to get out of your system and what are the best methods to detox? So far I have drinken about three gallons of cranberry juice. Any advice that can be provided would be much appreciated! I have mainly smoked flower
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2021.10.25 19:02 Orion1142 Which are the necessary constellation ?

I'm asking which constellation are necessary for each character (0 is a possible option)
Like Noëlle C6 is necessary for her to be a dps
I'm especially interest about Albedo C2, it look broken while reading it but maybe it's accessory
Thanks for your opinions
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