ITAP of something lingering in the shadows

2021.09.28 02:26 cvenus ITAP of something lingering in the shadows

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2021.09.28 02:26 OilSeeYouL8er Dropped LG V20, Seeking advice on how to move forward.

I'd like to try repairing her. Dropped from eye height on a heating grate.
Vibrates when power button is pushed but the screen doesn't turn on. It gets practically too hot to touch very quickly near the bottom as soon as it is turned on.
Screen glass is fine but I watched it do that dim green line flicker before dying so I think the screen itself is dead.
I believe I can replace the screen and am excited to try, but the heat issue concerns me and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what is causing that and what part it might be.
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2021.09.28 02:25 JohnDongle27 WARPING (REMIX) VERY TOXIC

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2021.09.28 02:25 outrageously_smart ContraPoints jokes about detransitioning. Get in before deletion.

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2021.09.28 02:25 regal-begal Cookie Inspector strikes again

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2021.09.28 02:25 Keerany [FOR HIRE] commission open. Hope you like it!! Pm me if you're interested!!! Have a good dayyyy (・∀・)

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2021.09.28 02:25 Dippersnoot Does anyone happen to know when loans will be disbursed?

I’ve literally been struggling to survive while I’m waiting for my loan. I plan to call the Bursar’s office, but was curious if anyone could answer my question now since I won’t have a good opportunity to call until Wednesday.
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2021.09.28 02:25 mitsuo203 This is just an update on the post I made earlier about the cat we saved from i95 which a whole lot of you really liked. The cat I actually saved was a girl! AND we found 2 of her siblings! Here are their photos!

This is just an update on the post I made earlier about the cat we saved from i95 which a whole lot of you really liked. The cat I actually saved was a girl! AND we found 2 of her siblings! Here are their photos! submitted by mitsuo203 to aww [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 02:25 Imperioclose GRUPO TELEGRAM

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2021.09.28 02:25 TennisOnWii I'm going to get my eggs frozen before I start T today and I'm freaking out.

I'm scared and dysphoric, will they knock me out? what's gonna happen.
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2021.09.28 02:25 Background-Serve8264 Everbased 🔥| Just Launched | 15k MC | 🚀 💹| The Future of Rebase Tokens 💹 | Marketing Started Today | Dev Based

✔️EverBased token just launched today and the team behind it is really experienced. Right now there is a lot of hype going on around with the rebase tokens and this project is about to catch that wave.
✔️Contract Address : 0x72787a7165dfaa39e53e52067f69a25a615e2ff8
✔️We didn't just fork the contract, we have created our very own unique fully working rebase token ! And we the tokenomics are as following : Tokenomics:
✔️2% Buyback
✔️3% Marketing With the teams extensive experience in the space, we can rely on them to perfectly align the rebasing at the right times, as well as well timed buybacks ! Taking advantage of the teams connections you can be confident that you will only see the top of the line marketing strategies!
✔️ Unique Contract
✔️ Great Marketing Team
✔️ DAILY MARKETING (Coinsniper Banners, WatcherGuru Banners, CMS #1 HOT PAGE) The EverBased team is committed to building an innovative project, and we are aware that any good project is nothing without a great community.
We are all in and fully committed to this token, ladies and gentleman. And to our community.
Actions speak louder than words, so you’ll only know if you dive in and hop on this rocket ship with us, which we know you will not regret. We really want you guys to sleep at night, truly. So are you coming to dive in the deep with EverBased? As Guru Maharishi Degen once said: "Nothing bonds you together more than a joint deep dive."
✔️Contract: 0x72787a7165dfaa39e53e52067f69a25a615e2ff8
✔️Pancakeswap :
✔️Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.28 02:25 golarrapad how to kill pou with bf

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2021.09.28 02:25 Aschensturm Hopefully someone will find this little gift!

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2021.09.28 02:25 starfeed 210927 Hangyeom, Hwichan, and Xen will represent brand YUGADANG at 2022 SS Seoul Fashion Week in October

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2021.09.28 02:25 LucariotheHorrorGuy Up next on Ultracario Chapter 3.....

Mikaido is then recruited by another old friend of theirs who is a fennekin named Melanie to a Military group called "The Soldiers of Hope" and are working on weapons to use agaisnt Monsters from space
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2021.09.28 02:25 yiyiyiyihiininjinji Why are the Saw producers afraid of making another classic SaW ???

We've had two spectacular Saw films (1 and 2), which at least resembled one another more than any of the sequels... and then since then we've had a rehash of the very mediocre sequels over and over again... i don't understand that at all, since the original Saw is objectively the best film far and away, and easily the most beloved film in the series by a landslide...
Why won't the studios touch this film narratively going forward? Why haven't we had an escape room character study, psychological mystery-thriller like the original, SINCE the original????!
absolute insanity by these producers. snakes. vipers. Twisted Pictures --- one and the same.
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2021.09.28 02:25 CheezeTortellini Fantasy/romance suggestions for a 26F?

Hello! So as a kid, I devoured books. I loved Harry Potter, Divergent, Hunger Games, the Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras series, and Twilight. I stopped reading for pleasure around 18yo, when I went to college. Lately I’ve really been wanting to get back into it. I’ve been reading a lot of the Dramione fanfics online, and some of werewolf romances on Dreame (sometimes they’re good, other times they just make me cringe lol). I really want to find an actual book or series to read, but I’m looking for something a bit more mature than the young adult stuff I used to read. Does anyone have any recommendations?! I’m really hoping for some fantasy/romance stuff. And lately I’m ready into the Dramione “falling for the enemy” type storylines. Thank you!!!!!
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2021.09.28 02:25 phishphood17 Am I over reacting?

My fiancé (33M) and I (28F) would have been married last May if it hadn’t been for Covid, etc.
We have been together nearly 4 years, living together for the last 3.
Recently he’s found a new job at a bar that he really likes that pays him very well. He’s making more money than he has our entire relationship.
The only problem is, he and I have polar opposite schedules. I work 8-5 M-F, and he works 1pm-1am Thursday-Monday. His only days off are days I’m working. My only days off are days he’s working. By the time I get off work on the days he’s off, I’m exhausted and we just eat dinner, watch tv, and go to bed.
Gone are the days of going on hikes, going to the beach, even just the simple pleasure of going to the grocery store together and making each other laugh in the aisles. If I want to spend time with him most days, I have to go to the bar, and I honestly have been drinking way more than I should be as a result.
I spend most of my nights either drunk at his bar or home alone now and I find myself getting very depressed and doing nothing but binge eating and watching tv. Sometimes I do things with friends, but our friend group for so long has been something we shared. The dynamics are different without my fiancé there, and that makes me sad too.
Last week, I asked him if he could talk to his boss about maybe switching his schedule so that he could stop working Sundays. That way, we’d have at least one day off in common each week. He said that was a good idea and he’d ask when it was the right moment.
Yesterday I brought up the Sundays Off idea again and asked if he’d talked to his boss yet. He did not take it well. He got very defensive and said that he spends every day working hard for us. I tried to explain how I’ve been feeling, and it didn’t feel like he was really hearing me.
He kept saying he was doing this for our future, and eventually I said that I didn’t know if there would be a future if we had no time to nurture our relationship. That really made him upset, and he said he didn’t realize that our relationship was that bad.
I told him it isn’t THAT bad YET but I know it will be if we don’t make time for one another. I’d seen my parents marriage crumble from having opposite schedules, and that terrifies me.
Eventually we both just were too sad and tired to keep the conversation going, and decided to talk more about it at another time. He held me while I cried and we fell asleep.
Am I over reacting?
For some more context: In the time we have been together, I have always been the one who made more money and that has always been fine with me. However, when we moved to a new city in 2019, it took him a long time to find a new job. He was out of work for over 6 months before finally finding a part time job that didn’t even cover a 1/4 of our rent.
Our financial health wasn’t great, but we spent a lot of time together and I always felt very close to him and loved by him.
We had a lot of talks in the last year or two about how it was hard for me to cover almost all of our bills, and that I needed more help from him. Now he’s found a great job that he likes but I never see him anymore.
Is it really that much to ask, for him to ask his boss to move his schedule around? Is there something I’m doing wrong?
I love this man more than anything on this earth and just want to make this work.
Thanks for any advice.
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2021.09.28 02:25 hpmoon NEW POST from TheNewsshooter: Tilta Camera Cage for Canon R5/R6 Review

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2021.09.28 02:25 miastalman Question: How industry index works

I have seen formula on
System cost index = sqrt(working hours done in system in past 28 days/working hours done in universeve in past 28 days)
So I wanted to research these shinny new capital parts bpos, went to NPC station with 0.1% system cost index.
Set up jobs paying nothing and seeing that I will have to wait a long time ...
The refresh come and boom the index is 2%. Now the index stabilized at ~1%. But I have undestood that it should be like 0.1% and it should rump up over a month. And why it jumped so high, that would mean I do like
So how is the index calculated and what I do not undestand? And why it jumped so high, that would mean I do like 10% of all "research working hours" in universe just in that system?
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2021.09.28 02:25 pharmdtrustee Need a chuckle? Presenting... CITADEL's Tweets from Today! 🐦

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2021.09.28 02:25 jvalleroy FreedomBox 21.10 released

FreedomBox 21.10 has been released and uploaded to Debian unstable. Typically, it will migrate to testing in 2 days, and then can be uploaded to stable-backports.

Other Changes
The following people contributed to the git repository for this release:
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2021.09.28 02:25 Xirberus Just grinded like all hell to get this done!

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2021.09.28 02:25 MrKite6 Looking for Vacuum Forming service

Hey everyone! I need to vacuum form a visor for a helmet for a costume I'm making and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere in the area that offers vacuum forming services.
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2021.09.28 02:25 Russian_p1ge0n69 How can I make this team better?

I'm building a team for casual competitive so just battling friends and family so far it's
Cinderace- libero- adamant-
Dragapult- clear body- jolly- life orb
Galarian darmanitan- jolly- geurilla tactics- choice scarf
Falinks- adamant- defiant- undecided
Corviknight- pressure- jolly- undecided
What should I add as the last pokemon I'm thinking either a tank or special sweeper but I'm not sure also any ideas for move sets (the only restrictions are no legendaries)?
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