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Big Tech Censorship

2021.09.28 03:16 CommonWild Big Tech Censorship

What are your thoughts on how big tech are clearly biased towards certain political ideologies and how they're censoring things they don't like, even if they're not breaking the rules? Would you do anything about it?
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2021.09.28 03:16 Dusterdawn Tiger friend loves you all!

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2021.09.28 03:16 MarcusMrSomeoneG My best universe mode faction

My time spent on WWE 2K20 universe mode is usually doing dumb shit that would never happen but funny none the less, until once when I actually tried.
Enter my smackdown faction the Million Dollar Mafia (not to be confused with the tna main event one)
This was a group of 4 randomly mashed together people from the deep depths known as my head who’s kayfabe goals were to take out the competition for money and gold. Here are the members and their roles:
Shane McMahon - Leader, Vintage heel shane, gunned for the world title.
Kevin Owens - the lone wolf of the group, had the same views and goals as the others but was more independent about it, gunned for secondary title
(Now brace for impact here)
Lince Dorado and Otis - Yep. Lince is the arrogant one sort of like heel sammy Guevara, showed of the money through his attire and changed his move set up a little. Otis is the bodyguard/bruiser of the group wearing all black with a leather jacket and aviators, usually interferes with Shane’s matches. Both gunned for the tag belts
And the rest is history, they burst on the scene pretty rapidly considering lince dorado was there and a year after debuting all held the gold at the same time. Idk what was appealing to me about this faction but it was something and it’s honestly my best work in universe mode. I kind of stopped playing after Shane and Kevin lost their belts but hey maybe one day I’ll load the save file up and watch them rise to the top once again!
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2021.09.28 03:16 TheShr3w Death Wish-NA WEST-Camelot-PvX-18+

We are a company of 70+ members looking to fill our roster before launch with active groups and more players who are as excited about this game as we are. We will be playing New World full-time on release and have ambitions to hit the ground running. Our main focus will be to grab a territory on day 1 and hold it, but we will play all of the content together. We have another large Marauder company we are allied with to help us to make a difference on the server we play on. Opportunities for promotions to Leadership positions are available to members. If you are interested DM me on discord TheShr3w#5148 or join us now: https://discord.gg/TXYyByB2
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2021.09.28 03:16 Silent-Design8221 Stripe vs. Brex for New Grad

Hi everyone, got super lucky this recruiting season and ended up with these 2 offers. Curious to see what y'all think and if anyone else has been in a similar boat.
I know this may be a better question for Blind, but I can't post there so if anyone would be willing to help out with that it would be super helpful :)

Stripe (Seattle):
+ Good brand name for resume
+ Really good engineering bar
+ High TC
- No upside on RSUs with new comp structure (annual value grant vs 4-year grant)
- Heard some bad things about culture as of late (bad managers, WLB, stressful perf reviews)
- Possibly less impact/growth opportunity than Brex

Brex (Remote):
+ Lots of potential for impact
+ Really good upside for equity - they seem to be growing insanely quick
+ Good company culture compared to Stripe, from what I've seen & heard
- Lower TC but equity upside could make up for this
- Remote, maybe not the best for new grad
- Bit more risk (in terms of company future) than Stripe

View Poll
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2021.09.28 03:16 MrDoubleRR Deleting Columns/Rows In App Script

I have a spreadsheet that goes from Column A to M. I don't want to delete the header or any thing in column M. How do I write a script to delete only all the rows except the header row and the rows in Column M1:M? Here is my code that works on not deleting the header but still deletes the rows in column M. I want all the highlighted areas deleted excluding Column M and Header

var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet(); // Get An Active SpreadSheet var start, howManyToDelete; start = 3; howManyToDelete = sheet.getLastRow() - start + 1;//Clear the Google sheet but don't delete the header (working) or rows in Column M(not working) sheet.deleteRows(start, howManyToDelete); 
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2021.09.28 03:16 grahamperrin FreeBSD Experiment Rethinks The OS Install

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2021.09.28 03:16 Smithsonian45 Steven King is new Senior Assistant Coach at the Suns

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2021.09.28 03:16 jdavis493 Comparisons between the DVT Sic vs M22 ESCC? Are Energized Sic's the future or?

Hey everyone. I posted this on DVT reddit first and it was quickly removed. Should I have just said "Sic vs. ESCC, Are coils built into crucibles the future?" I by no means meant to start an argument or problem! Just wanted the conversation and comments from someone who may know. My bad?
I've been researching Silicone Carbide and all of its properties, apps, workability/machining, and how it's formulated to begin with. After learning about Sic manufacturing techniques(all 2 of them it looks like), I figured the ability to form a heating element/coil w/in should be feasible. Little did I know AVS had already done it and call it "Energized" or ESCC. I'm curious if Sic's temp. conductivity makes a bottom heated donut coil(or other type heater) more than adequate or are in-crucible heating elements the future of this ever advancing technology? I wonder if fabricating an actual lid or cap to a crucible similar to a Yocan maybe in the future too? That could make things more portable and has it's pros/cons, but no more accidental spillage would be great. I'm going to keep looking/learning. If you can speak to this, I'd love to learn more. Please let me know and TYVM!
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2021.09.28 03:16 LinkinBreak Last minute Launch tips and suggestions!

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2021.09.28 03:16 nadeem786006 AcryptosNFT is remarkable cryptographic achievement

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2021.09.28 03:16 Scarlet_404 I've spent months of time on this server, and there will be plenty more months spent on this. Project Origin - Genesis is a modded roleplay server made with the intent to have a more physical form of a DnD campaign, come check it out!

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2021.09.28 03:16 G_Colls Sup Gang members! 2021 Giant Fathom 1. Looking for riding buddies in the SLC/Ogden Utah area.

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2021.09.28 03:16 Ummfal Our relationship is falling apart due to bad communication

Me (33m) and my partner (33f) have been together since February. We were both looking for a serious relationship and a life partner, and had spent 3 months getting to know each other before this.
Things were great initially, until I let my anxieties get the better of me. I totally accept that I have my part to play in things going wrong. I have my own problems with anxiety and OCD, and these concerns snowballed in to something bigger for me that did affect the relationship. We both knew we had similar sorts of problems while dating, but it didn't cause any problems initially. I also do not want this discussion to be just about the COVID vaccine, but instead about the larger picture.
She is not an anti-vaxxer, but said she was hesitant to take the vaccine. I said I would like her to take it, and tried various ways of addressing her fears about the vaccine. I guess this is in line with my love language of trying to show I care by helping, even though it can be counter-productive. She said some very irrational things to justify her position on the vaccine, which worried me a lot. I wanted to discuss these statements further, understand what she really believed vs what she said from a place of emotion/fear. I tried to be calm and understanding, even though eventually my frustration showed through. Sometimes I let the frustration show a little too much, but I don't think I was ever shouting or getting abusive. Unfortunately we got in to a cycle of her becoming defensive/emotional, me responding with frustration, and so on. In the end, my actions only served to reinforce her position.
I was feeling increasingly concerned about whether we were compatible if the irrational things said were really her beliefs. I want to be clear that she also agrees that what she says is irrational. I expressed this to her and that I was concerned I could not trust her to make decisions about something serious or important. Understandably, she did not take this well and only served to make the situation worse as it felt the relationship was conditional on the vaccine.
Anytime we discussed vaccines or about things she had said about it, only made things worse. I desperately wanted to discuss my concerns, but most times she would be defensive and would not understand my concerns. In the rare times when we were able to discuss things calmly, then she would counter her irrational points with something much more reasonable. Unfortunately I am a person that needs a lot of reassurance, so I needed to hear that several times consistently before it sinks in. The times we could discuss things calmly were far outnumbered the times where we didn't. In the end, I was left confused as to what she really believed.
Unfortunately my anxiety and doubts got increasingly worse. I had moments where I would be withdrawn and became quite obsessed with the whole situation. We took some time apart and in that time I don't know what came over me but I ended up having so many critical thoughts of her (relationship OCD). I shared that with her when we were talking again, which understandably made things even worse.
By this point we were not spending time together anymore, but continued to talk on the phone and fall out in the same way. I talked about my concerns, she reacted defensively, and I always felt she never really listened to what I was saying. She said she is a sensitive person and can take things very personally from someone close to her. She said that I need to adjust how I communicate with her so I don't upset her. I recognized that I had messed up seriously with how I had said things in the past, so I researched and tried as many ways of saying things so as to not bring her defenses up. However nothing worked and I never felt she could understand why I was worried. Instead it felt like she was always attaching her own meaning to what I was saying, or she would only listen to parts of what I said rather than the whole sentences.
Our relationship had hit rock bottom.
We had a few short breakups (like less than a day....), before we decided to go to couples therapy. We love each other and despite how hopeless things seemed, we wanted to try. We did one session. Afterwards, I was still skeptical of our future but I was glad we were trying. Unfortunately the session wasn't so helpful for her. We talked about it afterwards by phone and I found she had misinterpreted some things I had said. In one example, she only heard and reacted to the first half of a sentence and not the second half which gave important context.
Again, we were on the verge of breaking up. We agreed that things couldn't work out if we didn't deal with our own problems first. We agreed we would speak to a therapist and try find a better understanding of our own problems so we can manage them better.
I have journaled, been reading a lot about what I feel and been seeing a therapist regularly to work through things. At the moment I am focused on understanding my anxieties in this relationship and separating what is legitimately something to worry about and what isn't.
My partner believes she is a Highly Sensitive Person. I do not know much about that designation, but it is possible that is true. She has also been reading up on OCD to understand me better. However I do not know what things she thinks she needs to work on.
In the meantime, even though we love each other, the inability to communicate and the fights have worn us out and we are growing apart. We honestly don't know if we can salvage the relationship. I feel like we can't have honest and potentially difficult discussions, which I think is really important to a relationship.
We did meet yesterday and we were able to talk in a calm way that was amazing. It felt incredibly productive. We were able to calmly talk. I understood and learnt more about her. I felt for the first time that she was listening to what I said and understood what I meant. While we both felt good about how things turned out, the future is still uncertain. I don't know if this was just a one-off occurrence or not.
A baffling moment was that she said that I should have known that women get emotional and say irrational things that they don't mean. I countered that I haven't known her long enough to know what she does or doesn't mean, that I can't know what she is really thinking, and she has to tell me and reassure me herself explicitly. She seemed genuinely surprised that I did not know this.
I wanted to get what other people's perspectives are on this and whether anyone has been through something similar.
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2021.09.28 03:16 ohitsjustphil a primitive digital generator, and a question

hi all! i've recently gotten back into i ching and since the last time i messed around with it, i became a software developer. i've always used the ancient yarrow stalk method to get my readings and noticing how algorithmic it is, threw together a shitty web app to generate hexagrams. If you want to use it, you can find it here. Anecdotally every reading I've done with it has been quite accurate.
The logic used to simulate dividing the sticks and dividing them into piles is very straightforward, but I had trouble with the act of dividing the big pile in two: let left = Math.ceil(Math.random() * (numberOfStalks - 10)) + 5; I settled on giving a buffer of 5 at either end; when using the left hand to pull a random number of sticks out of the bundle in the right hand, the simulation will pull no less than 5 and no more than 44.
Is this right? Do any of you use yarrow stalks and pull only one, or all but one? and for those who use this method, do you tend to draw truly random piles when you divide, or do you tend to divide roughly in half, give or take a little? I'm wondering if I should do a random number algorithm that weights toward the middle.
Very curious if anyone has any insight here. And let me know if there's anything you'd like to see in a less shitty I Ching app, i'm planning on making a more robust version at some point!
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2021.09.28 03:16 indian_beardo Not dank. I'm just banned from both r.india and r.memes.

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2021.09.28 03:16 bushwicktwink Must have WORKING PAPERS! LOL

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2021.09.28 03:16 Extension-Mirror8623 My minecraft doesn't show skins Help

My minecraft doesn't show skins Help the skins doesn't show in my minecraft, and I don't know why, I have premium minecraft and my skin configurated in the minecraft website. I even tryied uninstaling and reinstaling the game but nothing has changed what can I do? It starts since I migrate my account from mojng to microsoft.

when I open the game I have to finish the task of the launcher or the loading mojang screen never ends can someone help me?


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2021.09.28 03:16 Ok-Adeptness-3701 A wonderful testimony of a Muslim Man

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2021.09.28 03:16 CautiousMost8553 What if Olivia Rodrigo's album made for millenials?

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2021.09.28 03:16 Otherwise-Anxiety175 Newbie, I need insight about Ipsy

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2021.09.28 03:16 Seekingaloha Since some shortages are related to truck issues, now is a great time to learn to “support your local”. Haven’t seen any shortages at farmers markets.

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2021.09.28 03:16 CosmicWarrior3 Ozzie 💙💚

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2021.09.28 03:16 drakeiscoolasfrick NEW SHINOBI STRIKER VIDEO WHERE I JUST GET FOLDED💀

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2021.09.28 03:16 GardenOfTheBlackRose Honestly a pretty normal comment but the format makes me think it belongs here

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