Flare from an actual UTI?

2021.09.28 03:06 Misses-Misery Flare from an actual UTI?

I posted on here a few days ago and it turns out this time it wasn’t an IC flare but an infection. I started Macrobid twice a day and I noticed the burning lessened as well as the frequency however it still burns after almost a week.
So, I’m thinking that I’m either not responding well enough to the antibiotic or I’m having a flare? As far as I knew macrobid wasn’t a trigger for me but can a UTI itself be a trigger?
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2021.09.28 03:06 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 03:06 ASICmachine Rate my portfolio I’m a noob pt.2 with more data (x-post from /r/SatoshiStreetBets)

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2021.09.28 03:06 dr-poo The s is shit

If you use /s you are a brain damaged toddler. If you use Reddit in 2021 you are also a singular neural cell.
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2021.09.28 03:06 AggravatingKoala6652 Boyfriend wouldn't say sorry for hurting my feelings...

I need a space to vent and get an opinion. Being between therapists is hard.
On Sunday, I (28F) and my bf (29M) spent the day at a winery with some friends and our dog. It was a good time despite me being a little checked out bc I was tired (I chose to stay bc fomo). After leaving, we dropped the dog off at home and went over to our friends to play games.
In the car on the way to our friends, I knew I was feeling off. I also was able to recognize that I agreed to games at our friend's place bc I didn't want to talk about how I was feeling (pat on my back for that one). What I was feeling was dissapointed that our original plans (dog park just me and him) didn't happen and that I hadn't had much time to talk/connect with him.
I was enjoying our time in the car just us talking, when he touched me sexually right in the middle of me talking. It surprised me, I asked what he was doing. He clearly sensed I was upset and got upset himself. We exchanged some words, nothing productive, so I stayed quiet bc I was too heated.
When we got to our friends 10 min later, he was doing stuff on his phone after I parked so I waited for him to be done. After that we fought for almost 45 min (we've been working on communicating. Somedays are good, others aren't) The short version of that argument was, I asked for him to apologize for making me feel dismissed. He said he wouldn't bc he didn't mean to do it. He then said he deserved an apology for my overreaction, which I did give bc I blew up more than I needed to and could have communicated much better.
After explaining to him that I'm not asking for an apology for his action per say, but that his action caused me hurt by mistake. He then gave me an, "I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to"... and after saying I wouldn't accept that he instead gave me an, "I didn't intend to hurt you, so I'm sorry". Do you think the 2nd apology is a "sorry, but..." apology also?
TLDR: I asked my bf for an apology bc he did something that accidentally hurt my feelings. He wouldn't say sorry at first. After talking about it some more he gave me an, "I'm sorry, but I didn't mean to". I wouldn't accept that and then he gave me an, "I didn't intend to hurt you, so I'm sorry". Do you think the 2nd apology is a "sorry, but..." apology also?
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2021.09.28 03:06 t0xicBR My Bandos Collection Log. Pet at 385!

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2021.09.28 03:06 Full-Picture4979 THE OPPS KILLED MY DAD SO NOW IM SIMPIN | Let's Play Assassin's Creed: Unity Part 1

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2021.09.28 03:06 AmbientEngineer [ C ] If you pass a function as an argument, can that function interact with the variables inside its caller?

Live Demo

#include  // displays hello world. void printHelloWorld() { printf("Hello World!"); x +=1; } // passing printHelloWorld function as parameter void display(void (*f)()) { int x = 0; f(); } int main() { display(printHelloWorld); return (0); } 
Is there any way I can have the printHelloWorld function interact with the x variable declared within the display function?
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2021.09.28 03:06 North_Client_3223 Super interesting no-cost hacks!

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2021.09.28 03:06 ajack7676 how old??

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2021.09.28 03:06 heinaga1989 Bat Shit Crazy | The best rewards token with 20 different rewards | Public Presale live now | Best Community on BSC | Staking on Launch |

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2021.09.28 03:06 Lonesome_Jones Lonesome Jones - "Findin' My Way" (Official Music Video) [Country]. Filmed in the beautiful Black Hills, with scenic views of Mt. Rushmore, Bear Butte and Deadwood, SD.! If you like this song, please support by purchasing it, or share! Thankya kindly! https://www.lonesomejones.com/store

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2021.09.28 03:06 crackofdawn Can anyone else with XP Predator package confirm spare tire type?

So I hadn't paid much attention but I looked underneath the 4Runner the other day a couple weeks after I picked it up and despite having the XP Predator package which comes with the TRD Pro wheels and Nitto Ridge Grappler AT tires, the full size spare tire under the vehicle is a normal all season radial (and I assume not a TRD pro wheel). Can anyone confirm whether this was supposed to be upgraded as well as part of the package?
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2021.09.28 03:06 Baygoners L3 T13 Basic two portfolio approach is not Hedging Return Seeking?

So i got this question in qbank where the situation is: pension plan has deficit
Which approach is best?
that cfai answer is
correct answer is Integrated Asset Liability approach
“Basic 2 porftolio approach assumes the pension plan has surplus that can be allocated to return seeking portfolio”
But in my understanding, H RS approach CAN handle underfunded (deficit)
And also integrated Asset Liability approach is typically used by insurance and banks (not pension plan)
Can anyone enlighten me?
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2021.09.28 03:06 Jayzu_Mazi He always be looking like that bro, and yes its always he's

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2021.09.28 03:06 Gi-Gi-Girl Been a while reddit 😅 hope yall like me and my kitty :3

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2021.09.28 03:06 shawculley What’s the verdict? [25M]

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2021.09.28 03:06 TotalDramaXtremist Finally got Mordred to NP5 after nearly two years with her.

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2021.09.28 03:06 The1Real1One Looking for a 1.12.2 seed with survival island and end portal/mansion, or any other good survival island seeds

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2021.09.28 03:06 Drexlore 2022 3* DL Robby Harrison commits to Arizona State

Player 247 profile page
Made with the /CFB Recruiting Post Generator
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2021.09.28 03:06 Elemental37 GOD FUCKING dammit KRIS where the FUCK are we!? I now has a KnowYourMeme page...

Here it is: https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/god-fucking-damnit-kris-where-the-fuck-are-we
it’s funny fight me
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2021.09.28 03:06 FrostSwag65 The Steel-em Plan.

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2021.09.28 03:06 rhinoceros07 NFA hold

Does anyone know if you can drop a course while there is a not fees arranged hold on your quest account?
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2021.09.28 03:06 Jayk_Wesker Imperial Cargo Pilot Vignette - Simple, but I like it

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2021.09.28 03:06 patituz Saw a complete circle rainbow yesterday

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